Sunday School Classes - Summer Too!

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages beginning the Sunday after Labor Day and continuing until Memorial Day weekend at 9:45am.  Please feel free to join a class at anytime.  Read More to learn about our upcoming Summer Class.

During the summer months, June 3-August 26, 2018, there will be a class at 9:45 am entitiled "God In America."  It will use the 2010 PBS American Experience/Frontline documentary film series, "God In America: How Religious Liberty Shaped America."    The series examines the influence of many of the religious groups who immigrated to America, from the 1600s to the present.  It covers events and issues, such as colonization, mission outreach, the American Revolution, the Constitution, separation of church and state, the Great Awakening, Protestant-Catholic contention, slavery, the Civil War, Judaism, Fundamentalism, evolution theory, the World Wars, Communism, the Cold War, religious patriotism, prayer in schools, Civil Rights, religion in government and social change, Evangelicalism, growing ethnic/religious diversity, non-denominational churches, increasing population with no religious affiliation, and the belief that America has a special role in God's plan.

The "God In America" Summer Sunday School class is primarily for adults and high school students. Each of the twelve sessions will include a segment of the film with discussion and should be interesting, even if people miss some sessions during the Summer.  There is no book to read, but there is a study/discussion guide, making it fairly simple to lead.  The website has the entire film series online, plus many related resources.  Don Mitchem will coordinate the class, with various class leaders.  Anyone who'd like to lead a class session, help with promotion, or get more information should contace Don Mitchem at