Spring focus for Sunday School classes

We're in the first year of a three-year curriculum cycle in the 2 year old through 5th grade Sunday School classrooms.

The curriculum is called "Wesley," and the focus is on holiness in everyday situations (i.e. allowing God’s Word from the Bilbe to enter our heads and transform our hearts).

The Sunday School teachers are unaminous in their support and enthusiasm for this curriculum, both in terms of student response and teacher preparation.

Here is the scope of each grade level for the spring of 2016:

2 year olds and nursery:

  • God Gives Us. . .
  • Jesus is Special
  • God Made the World

3, 4 year olds (kindergarten and 1st Grade):

  • God’s Special Son
  • God’s Wonderful World
  • God Meets Our Needs

3rd – 5th grade

  • Jesus Is Our Friend and Savior
  • Living a Godly Life
  • Getting Along