Prayer Requests

Please continue to lift the Women at the Well in your individual and corporate prayers. It's your faithfulness as partners in this vital ministry that has made all the difference.

Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends. 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for: 

  • For the chaplains to get settled in
  • An answer of acceptance on my early discharge
  • For my mom and dad and my family and the CO’s (correctional officers) and the inmates here and please pray for me for strength in this place!
  • Mothers sisters brother and his wife, m kids grandchildren, positive outcomes
  • For my family members who are sick
  • For the Lord to have his loving embrace on my family and for my friend to do good upon her release in 2 weeks
  • My parole get accepted and I get out soon and that me and (partner) work things out and get back together.
  • That I not get distracted in this place and that I can remain focused on and dedicated to What’s good and important.
  • my sister’s move this week
  • My family in my absence
  • My home placement comes back and gets approved; my boyfriend to stop using.
  • for me to stop judging others and forgive
  • my counselor to run me soon for Oxford House
  • my mom who has terminal lung cancer
  • God to reach and touch and guide and forgive and change and heal and to lead all of us!!
  • Kids in the world who are hungry, abandoned, beat, raped; killed, slaved, forgotten, misunderstood, unloved and for all the love lost and no love found. Thank You!
  • Everyone in recovery; all these women at ICIW and their families; help us all.
  • That I will find out good news on Thursday
  • My brother to forgive, to love, to reach out to be happy to be open and to succeed
  • my babies and family and all my loved ones and for peace and happiness. Amen
  • My son need’s guidance to make better choices. and I ray he finds Jesus because he feels all alone
  • all who have been in the shootings