Prayer Requests

Please continue to lift the Women at the Well in your individual and corporate prayers. It's your faithfulness as partners in this vital ministry that has made all the difference.

Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends. 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for: 

·      For our children – that we may be reunited soon and that they are cared for in our absence

·      For our relationships with our families:  Sisters, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, mothers, aunts – that they grow stronger and make it through these hard times

·      For N that she find a transitional place to go to soon

·      For upcoming court dates and resolution that fits into God’s purpose

·      For all our family, friends and loved ones who struggle with addiction, especially V, N and others unnamed

·      For all of us who struggled with addiction, that we can remain clean and sober when we get out

·      For J and F for getting through classes successfully and going home

·      For those who are sick or suffering, including V who has cancer, B who suffers from anxiety, N recovering from surgery

·      For parole and for the right facilities to be paroled to

·      For all these women at ICIW and their families

·      For good employment upon release and further education