Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for: 

  • that I get my purse back that was left at county jail when I came here and didn’t get picked up in 30 days. Please, thank you.
  • that D wins her parole appeal so I can begin my path of my spirituality.
  • my life – let my purpose be known. Let me into ACTIV (Achieving Change Through Values class)!  Pray for all those that help me – let me be more Christian.
  • my dad.  He is very sick and weak. His name is Joe. Thank you.
  • me to get my parole so I can go home to my mom and pray for D, N, S, M, C, T, P, M—that they are safe, healthy, loved.
  • I want to have more patience and better understanding. Also, to get home to my family.
  • my children to be safe and content until I get home to them. Thank you.
  • my pastor and his health - Pastor B from Sanborn, Iowa.  He had heart surgery.
  • my grand babies: D,N,S, M, and my kids: T, C,P, M—that they’re are all safe and in good health.  And for my mom P, that she’s doing well; and for me to get my parole in May to be able to go home.  Amen.
  • progress in parole plans and placement!  Let me feel the light of God’ presence in the present. Thanks for all the changes in me.  Bond and mend relationships.
  • my unborn son.
  • that I can follow God’s will for me, my purpose. So I can complete all things necessary to get out on parole and do the next right things. For a new counselor that will get great things done for me so I can re-enter society. Strengthen relationships with family and friends and mend ones broken.
  • for L and R. L is my son. R is my grandfather, battling lung cancer.
  • that I get into ACTV – [get] my ducks in a row to parole - find me placement - stronger family bonds – end and fix relationships.
  • my kids and my family. Just pray for ICIW, for it to be a better place and for us to become one. And for the people who sexually abused me as a child. - T
  • Mom (S); help comfort her.  A, L, O, and J – please pray for protections. N & K, for the the saints they are.
  • my friends, family, for the ones who have cancer, and for the women in here that want to change
  • peace to my heart. Reunification with my daughter. Seeking of my new family. [To] overcome of my addiction; to stay in sobriety. - D
  • C to continue to seek the Lord. - Y
  • that I get in my class and get my program started.  Stay motivated. - T
  • to give me a lot of faith. My family so I can go home soon.  Please God, give me that spirit. Love God. Amen. - E
  • the strength, peace and forgiveness, and love and hope for my family’s future. - J
  • that God leads my way as I trust and believe that, even in the darkest moment, God can shine. Pray for my family, understanding. - J
  • time to go fast and that I learn new beginnings. - D
  • K and her medical issues.
  • my children as they deal with their trauma – especially my youngest, T.  Also, I am in need of a good job while I am here. I have interviewed but I need God’s help in getting this job landed. - 

…and finally, this request, submitted in Spanish and translated by volunteer Sheryl:

  • my freedom as soon as possible; that I may never stray from Your hand, Papa God. Please bless me and my son and nieces, nephews, spouse. Give us strength and fill us with your Holy Spirit. - V