Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for:

  • J, who has bone cancer. S, for strength.
  • the safety of my girls and health. Prayers for my uncle, who is at home to pass, that he doesn't suffer. Prayers for my mom's health. For my sister, who has a pinched nerve in her back. Prayers for my husband to get a better car and job. - L
  • my family, as we had the passing of my mother-in-law on Saturday. Also, Lord, for my sister A's twin babies. Baby N is in the NICU. Please watch over him. Amen. - B
  • that the judge will approve my reconsideration and fax it to my counselor sometime this week.  - M
  • all the people suffering throughout all the world; people hurting due to heart-wrenching decisions they need to come to terms with, things they may or may not have control of. Some just need to come to terms with their choices.
  • forgiveness--the ability to let things go and move forward; E; my dad R is very sick; S to GO HOME.
  • my sons L and K, that they stay strong while I'm gone and continue to make good choices and do the best they can in school and at grandma and grandpa's.
  • B to find the path to sobriety; my mom L to find a calming peace in her heart, free of stress.
  • P for health and strength; K for comfort and courage; Thanks!  - K
  • C--hold Your hands around him and make sure he stays safe and be careful; the children of the world; my family and my kids.
  • S, my new friend, for she needs to get into her class to get home. For all in the world. My loving brother D and the B family, for my brother is having open heart surgery on the 20th of October.  - D
  • S--she wasn't able to start T4C (Thinking for a Change class) this time; please pray for her. M, that she gets her date soon. - K
  • my mom and brother--for God to heal them; both had heart problems. Help my children to make good decisions and have hope for good futures. Help my 18-year-old son decide what he wants to do for a living; he's feeling down and uncertain. Let me get home before the holidays. Bring peace to all my family.  - L
  • my son. Thanks for my class for starting. For my fiance to try and forgive me. For the girls fighting in C-pod; they are friends and both sad. - K
  • the ladies leaving this week (K)! For my self-confidence to grow and so that I don't make decisions based on my emotions. For God to tell me which steps to take!  With blessings, - C
  • my sister; she just got DHS involved. For strength through this journey to get my nephews back. For my best friend; she went to treatment and is taking steps to be sober.  With blessings, - C
  • Unit Y B-pod (peace). For M, that her home check may go well and soon. For my father (H) who had a 3rd stroke and is not doing well; my daughter (A) that she may get on the right track with/in her addiction.  - C
  • a class to go home; to be in a steady relationship with God and my family. For favor and strength to stand still. For T, S, S, S, Mom, Dad and counselors. For all my sisters here.  - R
  • my grandparents. M grandma was diagnosed with dementia, and my grandpa is having a hard time coping. May he find a way.
  • my children. Keep them safe, happy and healthy until I am home to them. Fill them up with my love.
  • Please pray that the Lord helps me with bad temptations in my mind for when I go home. Pray that I don't lose sight of God when I go home.
  • Please help me be the strong person I need to be to follow Your path.
  • Thank you for prayers answered.
  • Please pray that I will be going to my own home very soon.
  • To feel peace within myself and acceptance with where I am. - N
  • to have a better relationship with God and Jesus Christ, for me to understand him. - N
  • Please pray I don't have pancreatic cancer. Please.
  • For people who find themselves at war. Peace come upon them!that my daughters will want to be a part of my life when I go home.
  • that I see and continue on the path God has for me.
  • to have this new home for me and my boys. That way, we can be reunited again.
  • my fiance, that he stays strong in Newton and comes back to me soon.
  • my five children--T, S, M, S, and E. Let them know in their hearts how much God and their mom loves them!
  • my cousin J and his family. His health isn't the best, and he has yet to find the underlying cause.
  • Dave and my boys and for the Lord to look over me and help me get out of here as soon as possible.