Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for:

·       my mom, who is sick. And that my kids will have me come soon. – S

·       my children to get to know the person I’ve become. I miss my family so much. – P

·       safety and health for m two girls. Prayers for my mom’s health and safety. Prayers for my husband to find a better paying job and to get things lined up for our future. Prayers for my roommate, for God to show He is in charge of her life. – L

·       to bless my whole family, my loved ones, A & M, and all my friends. Thank you. – A

·       that my mom gets custody of my kids. – J

·       my parole to grandma’s and answers, peace of mind; my family; dad and mom’s health. – B

·       to get out of 9-C pod (living unit). – M

·       my family, my mother/dad, children/grandchildren. – M

·       Ms. C, in SSIP (Suicide/Self-Injury Protocol observation unit).

·       my release and somewhere to go.  For my children that they find the Lord, especially T. And for my husband's health.  – D

·       my sons, L & K, that they stay strong, safe and focused. A, A, and C, that they are safe and sober. My parents, L and K. That I get into my class soon!  – S

·       all of us women to live in harmony with each other. Amen.  – D

·       a place to be released to, to live. For the homeless and lost souls, for wisdom and discernment.  Strength and courage to do what's right. To be a loving, supportive mom, and be led by God.  – R

·       that I will be delivered from prison in March.  – M

·       A—for strength, serenity, calm, dedication to self. Happiness. J--calm, strength, happiness.  My kids and family. D & kids. World, ICIW.

·       M to feel better, as she is not feeling well.  – M

·       my counselor to staff me soon and very soon; for my parole and interstate compact to be accepted and granted.  For my family to repent and accept Jesus in their lives.  – T

·       me—I was classified last Wednesday and [now] waiting for my decision. G's health.