Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for:

  • F, A, A, N, J--cancer, G.
  • that all goes well in my leaving on December 4.
  • my fiancé to forgive me and stay true to me; let him know I love him and our son. My cousin K; my friend M to leave next Monday.  - K
  • my sons L & K, that they stay healthy and strong; the F twin baby girls, for health and strength; J—strength.  - S
  • my kids and my grandparents and my friends who are still battling addiction.  - S
  • my friend G; he just got out of the hospital. His thyroid shut down, and he had a 15% chance, but he pulled through, and he lost his mom 3 weeks ago.  So much prayer for him.  - K
  • that my home placement is approved. - J
  • my kids and family, B's grandkids, J, D.
  • my children, for health and safety. Be with my aunt during the season, as she just lost her husband. For my mom’s health and safety. Prayers for family and friends during the season. For my husband to find a job with potential. God bless! – L
  • peace, love, understanding for all of m family and A’s, too. K to be cancer-free. R & J to be strong and drug-free. M, too. – A
  • For inmates, families, and paroles.
  • T. Keep her safe and loved.
  • D, K, T, and A. Keep them safe from harm.
  • guidance for m oldest son, A. He needs You now, Lord. Please.
  • Please watch over all the women here during this time of holidays.
  • L and M, and the ladies and COs that bully us women in here.
  • my daughters, A & A, while they seek life as teenagers without their mother. – Love, Mom
  • T. Comfort her through this time and ease her suffering.
  • for my boys, A, A and A. - Mom
  • Guide me when I leave. Thank you. Amen.
  • people with family. May they stay together.
  • my family to continue to be happy, healthy, and close to each other and to the Lord. – C
  • the library women and me and my family.
  • that my 16-year-old daughter has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year, and [that] my dad lives. - S
  • peace in the world and put me on the prayer list. – L
  • Keep my family and friends in prayer – the Bs and Ks.
  • my granddaughters J & A to stop being bullied.
  • Please, Lord, give me the strength to keep moving on and to keep my job; and take the pain out of my legs. Amen. – M
  • that D hears good news.
  • me to be able to parole out to J’s. – S
  • for the H family. I love them so much and appreciate them greatly.
  • my son, GM, that the devil leaves him alone. He’s a 10-ear-old little boy with a mental illness, in MHI (Independence Mental Health Institute). Only God can help him. – B
  • for all my days to be good.