Good News! - October 2018

Our Mission ~ To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

The CAT is Coming to
Your Home!

CAT stands for Congregational Assessment Tool. It is a way for all currently active
participants in the life of our Church to provide both broad and in-depth information about:
ᴼ Level of energy and satisfaction within our Church
ᴼ Current Church wide strengths along with opportunities to improve
ᴼ Asbury’s Future Direction and focus
ᴼ Our readiness and adaptability for Change.
· Why CAT Now?
ᴼ In July we created a small ad-hoc group to take a look at what we need to do
to become a healthier Church.
ᴼ We have a new Senior Pastor and an “outward” focused mission statement.
There is a need for a Congregation wide assessment because things change
and we are in a new place.
ᴼ The results will help Church leadership along with outside assistance to
develop and implement a plan for moving forward to becoming a healthier
more vibrant Congregation.
· What Next?
ᴼ The CAT assessment will be available online for 3 weeks from Sunday,
September 30 to Sunday, October 21. A link will be emailed to currently active
participants in the life of the Church. People who do not have email or
internet access can complete a paper copy of the assessment. If you don’t
receive an email or would like a paper copy, contact the church office.
The CAT is Coming!
Be Ready to Pounce!


Sunday October 28