Good News! - April, 2018

Puppet Theatre
Coming to Asbury!

On Saturday, April 14th the puppet company
will be presenting “The Amazing Adventures of
Willy the Woolly” at 10:00 a.m. in Upper
Fellowship Hall. This event is designed for school
age children; and following the performance, a
musical workshop featuring the show’s musicians
will be offered. Programs will conclude by noon.

Sunday April 22, 2018
One of the goals at Asbury is to
make everyone feel welcome and to
help people become acquainted with
our church. If you are:
• a new or repeat visitor,
• wanting to transfer membership,
• a returning former member,
• someone who simply wants to
learn more about Asbury
• someone who is thinking about

Happy Spring!
Please keep us in mind as you are launching into your spring cleaning!
Children’s clothing, particularly infants, would be welcomed.
As always, men’s jeans, shoes, belts and jackets are needed.
Pretty spring dresses for girls of all ages would be appreciated too!
As always, we thank you
for your generosity!

1411 Brady Street, Davenport